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Graphic design trends 2020

Whether you plan on building a beautiful website, or you simply want to design a notable brand, you’ll need to use graphic design. And, while with the right graphic designer by your side you can make any website beautiful, you should still be familiar with the current graphic design trends.

Fortunately, we are here to go over the ones that are currently most sought after. With luck, you will integrate these trends into your current project and make it fresh and elegant. So, without further ado, here are the top graphic design trends of 2020.

Top upcoming graphic design trends

Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed a slow and gradual change in marketing. Long gone are the days where you could simply come up with a catchy jingle or a funny mascot and be done with product promotion. Today, if you want people to notice you or your brand, you need to be much more subtle and natural. The last thing you want is to have generic graphic content, as modern people practically tune that out without even thinking.

With all this in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you that modern graphic trends are all about picking the right pillar style. Then you can proceed to naturally build up your remaining content around that. If this sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry. In the following text, we will go over the more popular design trends and how to implement them properly.


Ever since minimalism emerged as a design trend, it has never lost much in popularity. For a while, minimalism was all about connecting your website to your domain name. Sure, there were times when other trends were more popular, but a properly designed minimalist work is always stunningly beautiful. The only downside is that designing minimalist features is surprisingly hard. So, if you choose to go with this type of design, we suggest that you give yourself extra time and hire experienced people to help you out. By picking the right colors and only incorporating what it necessary, you will make your content intuitive as well as informative.

Flowing lines

As it is one of the trends that seem a bit artsy, some people are reluctant to use flowing lines and shapes in their work. However, you should know that when it comes to natural feeling and conveying emotion, flowing lines are a must. Just like minimalism, they can be hard to incorporate properly. You cannot simply put flowing lines up without any planning on color coordination, as it will only make your work look tacky. But, if you choose the right colors and the right shapes, we have no doubt that you will manage to utilize flowing lines to surprising success.

Heavy fonts

Heavy fonts are best used when you want to emphasize some important information. Most professionals use them nowadays for seasonal promotional material and for important announcements. You can even learn how to incorporate keywords with heavy fonts from WP Full Care. The key idea behind heavy fonts is that you have something important to say that simply outshines the rest of your website. Ideally, you want to choose contrasting colors and ensure that nothing else is written on the screen besides words in heavy fonts.

Neutral stock photos

Using stock photos for websites is a tradition as old as websites themselves. So, it should come as little surprise that one of the graphic design trends is related to them. Namely, the use of neutral stock photos is becoming more and more prevalent, especially with professional websites. By neutral photos, we mean landscapes, people, and animals. Photos that are not literal representations of what you want to convey, but more of a feeling that you want people to have while experiencing your content. The main thing to keep in mind is that photos should be top quality, and they should have some connection to your content.


With the invention of platforms like Instagram and Tumblr, it is has become easier than ever to follow content creators that make small illustrations. Short, one or two panel comic books that have their distinct style. And if there is one pick for the most dominant among the graphic design trends, it’s these short comic books. While the coronavirus has had an effect on the domain market, it certainly hasn’t slowed down illustrators.

People can’t seem to get enough from short, lighthearted, and funny content. So, the more you can implement that content with your work, the better. You’d be surprised at how beautiful, wholehearted, and funny certain websites can be when you implement good illustrations. The downside to them is that they can be a bit expensive, especially if you want to update them from time to time. But, if you can afford them, illustrations will easily make any website interesting and engaging.

Branded animation

Having branded animation on your website is a sure way to make it alluring and interesting. We are still quite surprised when we see that someone went through the necessary hassle to implement a beautiful animation. And, with good reason. Proper animation takes a lot of forethought and work. You need to make it work on different platforms and in different browsers, which can be quite a task. But, if you do manage to create beautiful animation that is in accordance with the rest of your website, you are sure to create something memorable.

Dark interface

If you run a website that has a lot of written content, you should consider implementing a dark interface. Spending a lot of time reading on a bright screen can be quite tiring. This is why a lot of creators choose to implement a dark interface. By doing so, they make their content easier on the eyes. If you are not sure about implementing a completely dark theme, at least consider adding a dark option. Trust us when we tell you that your audience will be more than grateful.

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