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Domain name trends 2020

Domains trends are connected to other trends like technical, fashion, hypes and in general by socio cultural changement. Like a few years ago where the legalization of cannabis in some US states opened a rush to all domain names connected with cannabis and there synonyms. Or with the current popularity of crypto currancy which also opened a large buy in of all related domain names.
Sure now a days its nearly impossible to find a free one word .com domain name, so keep your business in mind and add a suffix, preffix or a matchable Keyword, we created for you a short list where you can orientated to find your indivial domain names.

Some of our top trend list for 2020

Prefix Suffix Keywords
via ify data, ai, neural
hi ster tech, quant, deep
join ly crowd, media, base
pro lab site, net, box
my hub bi, mega, green

Take also a look to this site to see the most frequently used domain name prefixes and suffixes

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