Terms of Use

1. Acceptance of terms of use and amendments
By purchasing via Brandstag.com you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time with or without notice to you.

2. Domain Transfer
After payment is received and the customer has provided their registrar account details we will initiate the domain transfer within 48 hours on working business days.

3. Logos
Logos are provided free of charge with every domain purchase. You will receive at minimum  a vector of the logo and a copy ready for use.

4. Copyright & Trademark
It is the responsibility of the customer to check for any copyright or trademarks regarding their domain purchase and/or business name. Brandstag does not make any guarantees or assurances regarding the domains we sell and existing copyright and trademarks.

5. Orders and Refunds
After payment is received we will initiate the domain transfer, once this has occurred we are unable to stop or reverse this. We are therefore unable to offer refunds or exchanges. The customer is responsible for providing the correct registrar and account details of where they want the domain to be transferred to.